Attivita – Nfinance
Our corporate team supports the shareholders of SMEs in the context of capital raising operations and shareholder reorganizations.
With more than 300 operations carried out to date in various sectors for SMEs, our teams have in-depth knowledge of the private equity market. In particular, we have extensive experience of family businesses entering the capital market for the first time and of their shareholders. The team advises the managers on an entire process that it supports: team coaching, organization of a roadshow, help in choosing the investor, structuring of the most appropriate, negotiation of the shareholders’ agreement, etc.
We structure arrangements that respond to the development issues of private companies and the heritage wishes of their managers:
Financing operations:
• Capital increases
• Bond issues
• Hybrid securities issues (mezzanine, private debt, unitranche)
• Acquisition financing

Patrimonial transactions:
• Partial liquidity and share buyback operation (OBO)
• Repurchase operations of securities held by outgoing shareholders (Reclassification)
• Acquisition of a company by its senior executives as part of a partial transmission (MBO / LMBO)
• Acquisition of a company by an external management team (MBI / LMBI)
Mergers and acquisitions
Our merger and acquisition team identifies, structures and executes transmissions, disposals, acquisitions, mergers in multiple sectors, such as healthcare, Internet, media, retail and industry.

Our investment bankers all have in-depth knowledge of financial arrangements, sector research and a long experience of successful negotiations and transactions. We act independently as buying advice or selling advice.

In sales, we take advantage of our international presence and our privileged relationships with investment funds to optimize the sale value of a company or one of its subsidiaries.

When purchasing, we maximize the synergies between our sector research team and our capital raising team to acquire a strategic target for our client, at the most attractive valuation and with the possibility of organizing the associated funding.
Capital markets
Like Private Equity, our strength lies in the ability to structure, conduct and place transactions on the Euronext capital markets. Our Global Capital Market team works in close collaboration with the PIPE / Structured Finance team as well as with our investment bankers, in order to develop financing structures and vehicles adapted to our clients. Since the creation of the company, our teams have participated in more than 250 transactions as Lead Manager, Co-Lead Manager and union member.