Sales and Trading

NFINANCE Securities also has an Equity Brokerage part on European Small & Midcap. Our brokerage team is totally devoted to financial institutions, issuers and institutional investors.

NFINANCE Securities is approved by the French ACP as an Broker Dealer, regulated by the Financial Markets Authority and a member of NYSE Euronext.

Our sales team close to its international institutional clients, provides a support service to the investment decision, with advice customized to the investor profile.

The Sales&Trading team provides several execution services. All our sales traders and traders are experienced in the Small & Midcap industry and make available to our institutional clients a comprehensive range of services tailored to the profile and requirements of each:

NFINANCE Securities offers its clients the ability to execute on all world markets.

In order to ensure the primacy of our customers' interests, we have decided not to take advantage of proprietary trading and our compliance officer shall ensure the compliance of firm operations and the absence of market manipulation.

Our firm is characterized by its independence and its lack of conflict of interest: